What is the best restorative solution for Tooth Loss?

Lost your tooth? Looking for the best and permanent restorative solution? If yes, then you should consider getting a dental implant. A denture might come first into your mind whenever you think of replacing a missing tooth with an artificial one. But it is the less effective and short-lived method when compared with a dental implant.

What happens when you lost your tooth?

Losing a tooth not only means losing your beautiful smile. In reality, its impacts on your life are far more than that.

  1.     You lose your self-confidence. During social or corporate meetings, you feel awkward because you can’t fully smile. And you never want to show your teeth. You make sure that no one can notice a missing tooth or teeth. So, it’s like being on red-alert all the time.
  2.     You experience teeth drifting. It is a situation when your natural teeth shift and try to take space provided by a missing tooth. Crooked teeth look ugly and leave excessive space which in turn affects the shape of your jaw and cheeks. Often, you have to remove large food particles stuck between teeth.
  3.     Another problem you face due to a missing tooth is bone loss. When there is no stimulation contact or chewing activity happens for a long period then your bone diminishes. So, it is important to cover the space as soon as possible or else it would impact your face look and shape.

What is the permanent missing teeth restorative solution?

If you want to avoid all these problems then you always seek the best way to cover up space in your mouth. Dentures are common solutions and widely available in the market. However, they are not as effective as a permanent dental implant system is. Understand what is dental implant and how it is a step forward in the improvement of your quality of life, smile, and well-being.

What is Dental Implant?

It is a metal post that is surgically placed into the jawbone beneath the gum. Once the post is positioned into its place, then it is used for mounting a replacement tooth. It is a fixed replacement of your missing tooth, in simple words. 

How does Dental Implant work as the best restorative solution?

Since a dental implant is set into the jawbone, once it is fixed then it offers stable support to your artificial teeth. You can set dentures and bridges onto dental implants. Whenever you speak or chew then teeth won’t slip or move away. It is the biggest advantage you can get from a dental implant. You can complete your smile with a natural-looking dental implant.

What Positive impact does it bring?

  •       Your missing tooth will be replaced by an artificial tooth fixed onto dental implants. No one can tell that you have an artificial tooth. That’s mean you will not only restore your tooth but also your self-confidence.
  •       A quick boost in your quality of life is another plus. You can smile with utmost confidence and without thinking twice about teeth shape.
  •       Your jaw and mouth structure remain intact since dental implant maintains it aesthetically.
  •       You can prevent sinking of your face because missing teeth will be replaced beautifully with dental implants.

The result of your dental implant placement is very much dependent on the selection of your dentist. It’s like when you select an experienced person, and then you can expect the best results. Make sure you pick an expert to perform dental implant surgery. Before choosing any dentist in Dubai, you should read customer reviews and don’t forget to check the background of a Dental clinic in Dubai. This due diligence is essential since your investment will be saved and you will get the best tooth loss restoration procedure.

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